Who Needs A Garage Door Alarm?

When you’ve got a security alarm system set up for your front and back doors, who needs a garage door alarm? Happy Family in Front of Their Home 78751823Of course, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t suspect that you might need one. Sadly, home burglary is a whopping 20% of all U.S. property crimes – well higher than most of us would expect. With that chilling thought in mind, you want to make sure that your home is protected as it should be, and the first thing to do is to give your home the tools it needs to protect itself. When it comes to your garage, that means installing the proper garage door alarm so that you know exactly what’s going on down there at all times.

Why The Garage Door?

It’s true – your garage door is a huge and extremely heavy piece of metal or wood that is hooked up to a system so that it only opens when you push the right button. Who would be able to lift it or force it to open? The truth of the matter is, most burglars and intruders are equally adept at breaking into garages as they are at breaking into front or back doors – if not more so. In fact, some argue that a garage can be forced open in less than 10 seconds! Garage doors usually have an emergency release lever, which homeowners don’t often think about because it’s there for emergencies, not for day to day use. Criminals are highly aware of this backup lever, and they simply use a clothes hanger or other thin metal device to work the lever from the outside so that the door can be raised manually. And once the garage door is opened, they can get into the rest of the house without a problem because who actually locks the door from the house into the garage? Seldom do. Thus, the need for a garage door alarm becomes increasingly pressing.

How Does A Garage Door Alarm Help?

Sure, you can get by without a garage door alarm if you want to deal with some rather annoying hassles. You can disable the lever that’s there for you in emergencies – without that, intruders can’t break in so easily. But that also means that if there’s an emergency, YOU can’t open the garage door, either. Or you could get rid of the automatic garage door opener, because it’s through working around that (including breaking into your car to steal it) that criminals often gain acgarage-door-sensorcess to your garage. But that means that every time you want to get into your garage, you’ll have to unlock the garage door and lift it up before you can drive in or out. Or you can build up the habit of locking the door from the home to the garage every time you enter or exit – every single time.

Take this advice: It’s better to arm your home with the right security devices than to cause yourself more grief. Don’t add to your workload by making it so that you have to manually open your garage door or remember to lock yet another door every single day. Instead, install a garage door alarm. One of these beauties can be connected to your cellular device or other tablet or laptop device of your choosing so that whenever the garage has been opened or is left open, you are notified. Not only will this alert you to the presence of a possible intruder, but if you accidentally leave it open, it’ll warn you so that you can go close it. Having an alarm system set up is one of the best ways to protect your home from criminal access, because it allows you to detect their presence. And most burglars will run away for fear of discovery if they think that someone knows they are there.

You can find some top of the line garage door alarms these days, so take a look and ask a professional near you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase the security of your home so that you and your loved ones can continue living there without worry for years to come.

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