Video Surveillance – What to Get and Where to Put It

cameras-160997702Putting a video surveillance system into your home might make you feel a little strange. You might question how you feel about privacy – of course it’s your home and you have a right to know what’s happening in it, but if you put cameras in your kids’ rooms, does that mean you don’t trust them? And then you might feel like you’re trying to pretend as though your home is a ritzy mansion owned by a millionaire who has to protect precious jewels hidden deep underneath the property. Maybe you’ll feel like you’re living in a movie where there’s going to be a serious heist or security breach that costs the government millions of dollars (and you’re the government in this film?). But when the reality check hits you, why are you doing it? FOR SAFETY. Video surveillance is a means for improving home security, and there is absolutely nothing strange about that. So here’s how to best take advantage of video security.

What to Get

A for what to get, you’ll need video cameras, DVR capability, and a monitor. Arguments can be made for more elements, but that’s the long and short of it. If you choose to look into the services of a company to help you with monitoring your home security system, that may also be to your advantage since the reason you have to install video surveillance in the first place is because you can’t be everywhere at once. Or you can choose to put it together yourself, but it’s still a good idea to consult professionals for advice. When choosing supplies, make sure to get a good monitor so that you can view what the cameras are viewing. After all, if you can’t see what they’re seeing, what’s the point? Also make sure to get enough DVR capability that you’ll be able to watch it when necessary. If it can only record 24 hours’ worth of material, are you going to have time to check it every night? And lastly, make sure that the video cameras you get have night vision and are HD if at all possible so that you can see a clear picture of what’s going on at all hours. You’ll also want to make certain to acquire enough cameras to fit in all the places you intend to install them, which brings us to our next point:

Where to Put It

diagram-146967394You should install video surveillance in any place on your property that concerns you or is vulnerable to intruders. Arguably the most important would be the outer perimeter of your home, particularly any entrances such as near the front and back doors, by the garage, and next to any easy access windows. This will reduce the likelihood of anyone actually getting inside. But also important are areas that criminals like to sneak in through, such as the basement. And if you want to be extra careful in protecting your family, you should install video surveillance in your children’s rooms so that you can see that they are for sure safe and sound.

Video surveillance is about safety for your family, for your home, and for yourself. If you want to have a reliable, quality home security system protecting you and yours, a video security system may be the best home security system you could have.

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